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GlowBoyMusic's News

Posted by GlowBoyMusic - 8 days ago

hey everyone,

time for yet another monthly news post. this time, this post is something that i wish i didn’t have to post, but due to my busy and fast paced personal life, and the circumstances surrounding my current mental health, i have to speak up.

firstly, i have been battling with my depression and bipolar for the past three to four weeks or so. my chronic illness hasn’t been doing me any favours either. things have been incredibly difficult to balance when it comes to making content, focusing on our eventual move across the country, and trying to keep up with friends online. it’s pretty overwhelming at the moment, and it has all piled up, and up. i still managed to bring out three projects this month despite this, but i am now just very tired, mentally and physically. next month’s content will have very possible delays on release, and my Twitter will be semi dark from time to time due to being just simply too socially tired and busy offline. commissions after the current one i am doing will be closed temporarily.

secondly, seasonal depression has started to rear its ugly head. (even though i am so damn glad that the summer has gone!) and it has hit me with a harder force than anticipated. i relapsed on self harm twice after two incredibly large breakdowns, and it’s something i am seriously not proud of after being clean from that for 5 years. i often don’t like to talk about these things online because i tend to keep things extremely private, but i felt that i had to say something because being silent about things like this can be dangerous. i have had traumatic experiences that i’d rather not repeat on the internet, but the lessons i kept from them is to not be quiet about your pain anymore.

third, to add up to the bricks on my back and the knives in my chest, i got news that my closest aunt who was like a mother to me through a time where i didn’t have one to turn to, has been diagnosed with terminal COPD, and has already gone into respiratory and cardiac failure a few times… I don’t have very long to spend with her, and I cannot afford to fly over and at least give her one last hug and goodbye. this doesn’t help at all. and i am trying to process the whole thought of even losing this incredible woman at some point, letalone the idea of her suffering and finding it hard to breathe every single day… i almost screamed when i heard the news, and i have yet to break from it. i am just numb and heartbroken right now, and haven’t yet stepped out of the denial stage of grief. thank god i have the strength of a fucking lion.

because of how much this has hit me, and because i want to try and make a difference for my incredible momaunt, a small chunk of my profits i get from either donations or commissions, will go to a charity associated with supporting and caring for those with terminal illnesses, and towards hospital palliative care charities that are reputable and outstanding in their efforts to keep those we love who are dying, comfortable until the end. please suggest some charities that deserve this support down below if you wish, and i will definitely look into it.

for now whilst i am trying to recover myself, you can always check out my recent projects here , here , and here.

thank you all for reading this far down, and i hope your start to the fall has been alot better off.

with love, Glow.


Posted by GlowBoyMusic - August 21st, 2022

hey NGs!

wow, things are just getting more exciting by the day! and being productive and busy is an understatement! first, I released S2E4 of The Doctors Note’s Podcast (click here to listen and stay up to date!), a new track and another on the way which involves some OST related to my characters universe, a commission to finish, and i will be developing the character introduction projects for Doctor Glow and Glowboy respectively— plus a mystery character!

next week, i will be going away across state for one last big vacation for two weeks, the last trip until October. and will be offline to just breathe for a moment, spend time with my partners, and get inspired further.

next month, on the 25th, will mark the first anniversary of “The Doctors Note’s Podcast.” being released to the public. it has been such a wild year, and September’s episode will be a special one, and will take a bunch of time to put together. It will be released on its anniversary date (09/25) at 10pm CET (4pm EST) :)

i hope everybody’s end to the midsummer has been bareable! heatwaves all over the place here in Europe! (and we are melting away…) at least it will cool down by next month.

what have you all been up to? do tell!

with love, Glow


Posted by GlowBoyMusic - August 3rd, 2022

hey NG’s!

how is everybody’s summer going? i know that mine has been one hell of a rollercoaster— but in such an amazing way! i am planning to not only move house, but also start afresh with my s/o with someone special to us. more information is given in the recent episode of TDNP! you can listen to it here for those important life updates!

secondly, i have been so busy offline that i have been able to take a step back from social media and just experience the good life. its the first time in a long time that i let myself have a vacation, i don’t regret it one bit.

lastly, i uploaded a new track to celebrate my new life ahead! i am so excited for what’s to come, and once everything is 100%, i will let in on you guys in due time what all the big fuss is about. For the meantime, go listen to the track “Love Conquers All” here!

what have you guys been up to this summer? any projects in the works? on vacation somewhere someplace? just chilling tf out? tell me!

i hope you guys are all staying hydrated and healthy during this often unforgiving season!

with love, Glow.



Posted by GlowBoyMusic - July 3rd, 2022

hello NG’s!

summer is definitely here now! and i am also in a pretty sunny mood, since its thanks to the motivation that i get from all of your reviews, faves, frontpages, and mentions— that i feel like trrating myself to a little summer vacation as a reward for my current efforts this year so far! <3

while i am away until the 30th, when i upload the next TDNP episode, you can listen to the recent episode here! (MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY): The Doctor’s Notes Podcast: S2E2 (June 2022)

you can also have a jam to my latest music track that i uploaded here, it was the last commission before my vacation, and it was well received by my friend! click here to get into the summer mood!

so while i have been pretty productive, i have also been brainstorming new ideas, finding new VSTs to play with, and investing in new software and instruments. i am also looking for a great voice/vox/vocoder plugin/vst to use for future vocal additions, since i am really trying to hit that synthetic voice vibe when it comes to my original songs, such as The Woes of Mr. Oddity which, despite it being a for fun experiment, has got front paged, playlisted, and over 1k listens very quickly! i am so glad everyone liked that little silly track (: it’s always such a pleasure to be a part of this community.

also, I just want to thank @TheTankTribune for playlisting Mr. Oddity in this recent issue of their magazine! You guys are truly the best, and he will surely survive a celebrity… (;

i hope everyone has a fantastic summer vacation, i know i will!

what are you guys doing this summer?

with love, Glow.



Posted by GlowBoyMusic - June 16th, 2022

hello NG’s!

this month has been quite a big one so far for me. and you may have noticed this in particular with my recent uploads. I shall explain what this is all about and why i decided to upload my podcast on to NG’s after almost half a year of deliberation.

so, as you all know (if you are a fan, that is!) i uploaded a total of 9 episodes of my podcast series “The Doctor’s Notes Podcast” (TDNP for short) on to Newgrounds in the wee hours of the night. My podcast was originally intended for my mature followers on Twitter, however, people have pointed me in the direction of Newgrounds to upload it to from now on.

originally, these episodes were released in a FileMail link, free to download for everyone to listen to anytime. but as the series progressed, i found that this method was a completely stupid idea in the whole idea of releasing my content. Back when I had zero WiFi connection and maybe 2GB of mobile data to rely on most times, this may of been practical due to its very limited data usage during uploads or downloads. but now that my neighbours let us use their WiFi temporarily, i can now convert and reformat all of my series completely to a file size that is appropriate for Newgrounds (The original files were waaaaaaay over 100MB in data each!) whilst also keeping the quality as high as possible, without worrying that i eat up almost 15€ of mobile data in one night.

before, i was planning to upload this to Newgrounds originally, but thanks to life, it just couldn’t happen as fast as i would have wanted to,

A N Y W A Y, whats this podcast then?

well, since September 2021, I have been running this podcast which discusses social, political, and general issues of the world in the perspective of my characters, who are all from another planet (well, moon)

Here is the description, this description is also present in every commentary section of each episode (INCLUDING the content disclaimer) :

TDNP (aka. The Doctors Notes Podcast) is a podcast set in the Misadventures of Doctor Glow universe seperate from the original series. This podcast is hosted by Doctor Glow, his trusted sidekick Glowboy, and their pet robot Ly.ric. (All voiced by yours truly.)

After discovering a way to communicate with Earth, Doctor Glow explores the planet and it’s humans inhabiting it in the comfort of his own lab through Glowboy’s Hyperscope, and although very foreign to him, has taken interest in the blue gem of the Milky Way.

After discovering that Earth is complete disrepair in all fronts, he decides to open up a podcast for the people of the planet, often discussing issues and considerably controversial topics, that may otherwise mirror or borderline the current situation and state of his home up in Phobos.

He often targets topics that some may find disturbing, and often shows a complete disdain for inhumane behaviours and practices that continue to give Earth its ever decreasing reputation for the rest of the galaxy.

In order to try and instill logic, critical thinking, and otherwise save humanity from its many flaws, Doctor Glow also encourages open conversations, discussions, and criticism from his human audience. Whilst also trying to warn or otherwise educate them about how things can turn sour very fast, due to the fragile line that human society and politics keep trying to cross.

Due to Earth being a stark reminder to those up in Phobos of what their own homeland once was before Radon’s dictatorship, Doctor Glow and his team of friends want to try their very best to make humanity better, smarter, and happier again.

Besides the severe and serious, they also share little parts of their lives in the form of much lighter content—From skits, to story chapters, to holiday specials.

So come on in! Wash your hands, grab a drink, and sit back, as we take a completely different approach to podcasting, and most importantly— have fun with it!

DISCLAIMER: All opinions in this podcast are reflecting that of the characters personality, and do not otherwise reflect my own in reality (mostly.) This podcast is for mature audiences only, and contains strong language, disturbing themes, and topics some may find triggering. This podcast is LGBTQIA friendly, and is not in any way affliated with offensive or otherwise distasteful groups online and offline.

i hope that everyone can sit back and enjoy the occasional chaos that this series can provide, whilst also being sortakinda educational, entertaining, and an interesting spin on how a Podcast is done. With a mix of storytelling and general discussion, with a hint of the main series plot peaking its head up every once in a while.

since this podcast is done by one person, the upload schedule is a healthy once a month, and usually follows after my music uploads of the month!


I hope everyone has a fantastic summer ahead, and I cannot wait to bring even more of my series on to this site for everyone to enjoy, this has been my dream since 2003 to start a NGs, and I am so happy to finally do it.

with love to all, Glow.



Posted by GlowBoyMusic - June 1st, 2022

happy june NG’s!

man it has been an interesting couple of weeks since my last post. firstly, i want to share a massive thank you to everyone who helped me get my song ‘The Woes of Mr. Oddity’ to the front page for the end of may! i really didn’t expect my silly little vocal test to gain literally any respect on this golden website. go take a listen to the track here if you haven’t already.

secondly, as you guys know, or have seen through The Tank Tribune, i have been having issues in my personal life thanks to simply sometimes sucking when it comes to being a responsible bill paying adult, and had to literally be careful on my internet usage and everything else inbetween, hindering my usual upload schedule to the site.

well recently, our usually very irritating, noisy, shouty, screamy, and angry neighbours from next door, decided to do the most unexpected yet incredible thing for me and my partner…

they didn’t give us money…

they didn’t give us bullcrap advice…

they didn’t plug us NFTs…

they didn’t scare our cat…

instead, they gave us something that only a true and tried ned flanders apprentice would do in the moment of a distinct lack of wifi internet connectivity that has lasted since october of last year…

they gave us…

their wifi password.

yes, they literally gave us the one thing that can get me back up and running online, and you know whats better…?

they are letting us use it until we can afford a new contract!!!!!)!)!

suffice to say, me and my s/o were absolutely grateful for their incredible gift of kindness. thanks to them, we were able to pay off rent this month along with other very, very, very important bills n’ shiet, and i am able to get back on track with my uploads to entertain you incredible people on Newgrounds dot com!

this whole year so far has been a huge trial for both me and my s/o, but throughout it all, i couldn’t of survived the worst without their unconditional love, and overwhelming support from them and my inlaws.

but most importantly, i wouldn’t of come this far, if it wasn’t for the amazing friends and folks online that i have met over the last 20 years of being connected to the internet, including this wonderful website full of talented and inspiring individuals; just like yourself, reader. (:

i want to bestow some kind of wisdom from my whole experience to anyone out there who has been in a pinch, or have felt as if they have been stuck in reverse the whole time without anything to stop them from going under…

there is always a solution to temporary problems, no matter how big or small those problems are. compromise and sacrifices sometimes have to be made in order for you to pursue what you want to do. but as long as you know exactly what you are doing, and you understand what it will take for you to get to what you want, everything will eventually make sense and come together naturally right infront of you.

hard work may pay off, but so does patience and vigilance in times of crisis and uncertainty. don’t put your guard up too fast, and don’t be afraid to reach out to those you trust and love.

life can be messy, and we can do messy things sometimes. but we are all human, and the best form of accountability is to recognise when you need to reflect on yourself, and start bettering yourself, your techniques, your craft, your responsibilities, your habits, etc. we made the mistake of missing certain bills, the solution? learn the lesson, pay off what you can afford, and save up the rest for the next month. our reward? we were unexpectedly given the neighbours wifi password as they heard of our tough times.

hard work isn’t always physical labour, it can be trying to solve mental and personal obstacles too.

with love, Glow.

P.S: Happy Pride Month! and also Juneteenth! stay proud of yourselves, and prideful of others pride in themselves.



Posted by GlowBoyMusic - May 18th, 2022

hello again NG’s!

since i have been back home in the beginning of this month, i have been taking my time in just recovering and getting myself back on track slowly, but surely.

firstly, i want to say a big thank you to The Tank Tribune for the lovely shoutout and the community for continuing to support me in times of crisis. it really has been a rollercoaster of a summer so far for me mentally and physically, but i am hanging in there!

to make up for the lack of uploads this month, i have decided to release something for you guys in the meantime, and that is a silly lil’ tutorial video on Funk Rock. i made this back in April for my Twitter audience, but i felt as if it also belongs here for you lovely (quieter) bunch on Newgrounds!

gawk at it HERE!

in the meantime, i have been working hard for the next set of audios in the next coming weeks, and i hope to bring back some music into your ears as soon as humanly possible.

with love,

— Glow.


Posted by GlowBoyMusic - May 8th, 2022

hey NG’s.

how has everyone been doing? i haven’t posted a news post in a while, but here i am with some updates about my life, and how that might affect my upload schedule as of now until around July/August.

although i don’t like to talk about personal troubles publically on the internet (literally, the only social media i use is Twitter. yeaaa.) me and my significant other were hit with some pretty shitty stuff over the end weeks of last month up until Tuesday last week. we had no power, had to stay at their parents for a week, litetally have no money for this month apart from some help here and there from relatives/friends/commissions to get us by this month.

suffice to say, this means i will be late in uploading my next songs for this month. and all commissions will be resumed tonight, now that i have power back and internet again.

everything is okay now, but we will be having a little bit of a struggle this month and the next until we can get back to baseline again. it’s nothing we haven’t handled before (:

gotta keep my head up! and so should you… tough times can really get us down when we least expect it, and sometimes— we fucking lose our shit over it! but, as long as you maintain a balance and have the right support, you will be okay. i promise.

with love,




Posted by GlowBoyMusic - February 21st, 2022

seriously, thank you to everyone who listens to my audios! its thanks to you guys that i got frontpaged not too long ago for my audio ‘Serenade.’

and then, just today, i was featured in The Tank Tribune and their Phonograph Vol.8 playlist, featuring my audio ‘Eastside Romance’ ! (click here to read and listen to the playlist! ) also, support @thetanktribune and all of the incredibly talented folks in this weeks issue!

EDIT (23/02): i was also featured on the 17th issue of The Tankman Triweekly! go check it out and support the news mag!

thia just motivates me to do more content for everyone here on NGs.

since i first started browsing this place back in 2004, i always wanted to be like the amazing OG audio makers on this platform, and dreamt of the day that i would finally muster the courage step on to the platform with what i had to offer once i was ready.

16 years pass, and here i am. i know i am a little late, but i really wanted to be ready to show my works on this platform. i can sometimes be a little too perfectionist when it comes to making my content, and tend to blow my top if i do something wrong… but as of recent, that seems to be getting less and less. and i am so damn thankful i waited and practiced…practiced…aaand practiced.

and i will continue to fine tune my craft as time goes on. and i hope every one of you can join me on my journey.

my dream is to be a producer of all trades (gaming, cinema, animation, music entertainment, etc.) and provide to the community some incredible music. but my end goal is to make people smile or feel some kind of vibe with my music and carry it with them.

again, thank you all.

— Glow



Posted by GlowBoyMusic - December 20th, 2021

hey listeners on NGs!

happy holidays to every single one of you, and i hope everyone gets what they wanted this year, or just has a peaceful and cosy December.

for those that are unaware, i do a mature rated podcast on my Twitter every month with three of my mascot characters (Doctor Glow, Glowboy, Ly.ric) that discusses controversial topics and other issues online today.

I release my holiday special on 23/12! So if you want to be the first to listen, go ahead and follow (18+ only please.) to be updated on my life outside of NGs.

my new year’s resolution is to upload and make more music, and improve on my craft. god knows what’s in store for next year, but i am hoping for a brighter one. if the pandemic calms down where i am, i will be marrying the love of my life, and starting a new special chapter in my life.

this year has been so terrible for me, i cannot go into detail as i like to keep my offline life away from my work. i find its healthier that way. i never liked how so many people just throw out their personal lives on the internet, because nobody’s life story is perfect, and people online can be the cruelest and most unkind individuals towards people who may not look, speak, dress, or express the same way they can.

however, this year has just been traumatic to say the least. ironically, more traumatic than 2020 was. i am already a hermit so staying at home wasn’t a problem. this year was just filled with personal struggles, betrayal, depression, anxiety, losing so many people, etc…

but also, this year has been eye opening and truly an adventure. i have learned so much, met new and better people, improved in my music, started a podcast show, and has still sold music and gained a small yet humble audience of likeminded people.

its when i realised, while writing this: sometimes when the worst that life can bring you comes along, it always gets followed by brighter and better things. and i am truly grateful for what i have now, and grateful to have known the ones that i have lost. Because their presence brought me joy while i was at my best and only my best, and their absence in my time of darkness, has taught me how to cope with all of my personal struggles and mental health alone.

life is simply beautiful guys. it really is.

see you next year,