Radio definitely killed the video star.
i try to upload once or twice a month.
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hey NG’s!

how is everybody’s summer going? i know that mine has been one hell of a rollercoaster— but in such an amazing way! i am planning to not only move house, but also start afresh with my s/o with someone special to us. more information is given in the recent episode of TDNP! you can listen to it here for those important life updates!

secondly, i have been so busy offline that i have been able to take a step back from social media and just experience the good life. its the first time in a long time that i let myself have a vacation, i don’t regret it one bit.

lastly, i uploaded a new track to celebrate my new life ahead! i am so excited for what’s to come, and once everything is 100%, i will let in on you guys in due time what all the big fuss is about. For the meantime, go listen to the track “Love Conquers All” here!

what have you guys been up to this summer? any projects in the works? on vacation somewhere someplace? just chilling tf out? tell me!

i hope you guys are all staying hydrated and healthy during this often unforgiving season!

with love, Glow.


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Available for Work

Looking to Collab! (Vocalists and Musicians Wanted!)

Hello! My name is Glow. I am an anon agender musician (traditional and digital), and I am the frontman behind GlowBoyMusic!

I am always down to work with anybody in the community either for fun or for professional purposes! i do anything from video game music, to dance, to urban, to club anthems that are bound to (hopefully.) break the charts!

Are you 18+? A vocalist or musician? Needing that ‘one suspense music number’ for a video game or cartoon?

I have you covered! With a guarenteed per track delivery time of 2 weeks, and per album delivery time of one month (with holidays and Sundays being the exception) and with your wish for high quality in mind from start to finish, and an easygoing person with professional experience— I got you!

please message me for my contractual agreement and commission sheet if you are interested in working with me professionally.

you can also follow me on Twitter at @DrGlowTweets (no minors please. i have a foul mouth and retweet some occasional heavy stuff. plus my personal project is for adults only. thanks.)

I look forward to getting in touch!

— Glow