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Hey hey NG’s!

How is everyone doing this impending summer equinox? The leaves are turning to gold and various shades of saffron reds slowly but surely, the satisfying crunch of them under our feet as we embrace the new season coming around he corner. Whether you are a pumpkin spice enjoyer, or a hoodie and hot choccy traditionalist, I wish everyone a lovely Autumn season.

The year so far has been a great feat of ups and downs. We came in the Top 10 in NGUAC, and we couldn’t be anymore grateful for even making it towards the finals! We are celebrating the second year of The Doctor’s Notes Podcast being on the air, and we have a new series on the horizon and a new music project incoming. To watch the current episode of TDNP, click here!

My new series Nevermind The B*llshit! Comes out this evening, when the link is available, it will show (here!) starting off with the Rant editions of this show, before we move to the bigger, longer, and stronger episodes. Though this series will not be a permanent series on this site, it will be a fun and refreshing little opposite to it’s internet culture counterpart TDNP, and I am looking forward to show everyone what else I can bring to the table here on NG’s.

Then finally, my first NG’s album, Canvas Mind, will have the first track introduced here on 15th October— 5 days after my birthday. And it will be the first track of 12, spread out into once a month uploads. This album will be a completely different shift to what you are all use to hearing from me here on this site, and that is due to the album’s very personal place in my heart. More will be revealed as the songs go on, and on, and on…and on.

Despite my health now being in the best of conditions, and despite some parts of this year really taking a toll on my mental wellbeing, I am doing just fine. And I am so excited to show you all what I got goin’ on in store for everyone!

Also, my commissions will be wide open to all again on the 25th October, and will close on 12th December for the winter holidays! So if you want something done from me, reserving a spot now would be the perfect time to do so! 4 slots will be open at a time, so getchu a spot now before someone else you heavily dislike does! :D

All in all, I wish everyone a wonderous new season, and don’t forget to wrap up and stay warm!

mad love, Glow.


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