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Posted by GlowBoyMusic - September 26th, 2021


it’s been a hot minute. just to recap my summer in a nutshell:

  • my partner broke their foot in August during work, and had to step back to look after them during their more weaker weeks.
  • got incredibly ill due to being unable to afford my medication for my chronic illness (still struggling) but i am a tough cookie.
  • had a creators block for a bit.
  • depression.

life has been a bit of nimrod, but i am back now. i have already uploaded two new tracks for you guys to check out (and to make up for my absence.) and more is to come soon.

i am also writing a mixtape (the two new tracks are the first ones out!) and i am busy with custom orders…i am glad to start working again <3

stay tuned for more tunage!

— Glow


Posted by GlowBoyMusic - July 22nd, 2021

hey guys!

sorry that i have been MIA for a hot minute! life has still been getting in the mfing way :’) i hope everyone is braving this heat and listening to some good heat on their speakers this summer! (i have plenty of things lined up that are coming as soon as humanly possible! promise!)

going to have a short vacation in a month or so, so i will be sure to get something done before then :)

see ya later!

— Glow



Posted by GlowBoyMusic - June 17th, 2021

Hey everyone.

I have been quite busy these past two weeks or so, lots of life stuff getting in the way, and I can’t really concentrate well in this heat. I am currently doing two commissions, so at least I am kept busy for now.

I will upload another one soon to NG, just be patient. Being chronically ill during a heatwave is not fun…

Hope everyone has great plans for the summer, and stay safe!



Posted by GlowBoyMusic - May 29th, 2021

New upload coming next week! In the meantime, I officially opened a Twitter to expand a tiny bit. Go follow @DrGlowTweets if you like music stuff, the odd gaming post, or just me rambling about nothing.


Posted by GlowBoyMusic - May 22nd, 2021

So I spotted a thief with one of my compositions who was trying to make a quick buck (There were 5 ads in their video...—Without buying the track rights from me first.) Luckily the situation has been resolved without further BS.

But this has brought me to write this. If you want to use my music, you can freely IF:

  1. You don’t monetise the content.
  2. Credit the Author (In the content, contents description/caption, or pinned comment.)
  3. Link me directly to your content after it is used.
  4. Nothing has been modified prior to use.
  5. Personal use. Like—Listen on your MP3 players or iWhatevers.

If you want to use my music for more professional means, please message me for my price sheet, hiring/contract information, and instructions.

Remember: I only ever use NewGrounds and Tumblr (which I use to reblog random posts from time to time, and follow music blogs.) .

I don’t have a YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, or any other social media platform. I have a Discord, not Skype. Just Steam for games (Mostly Skyrim, Among Us, TF2, and HOI4 I play.) and sometimes chat with other players when I feel like a people person.

If there is anyone who is under my alias (Glow/Glowboy/GlowBoyMusic) in any of these other networks— Tell me. And I will deal with it quietly.

Theives always target smaller or otherwise unknown artists and creators like myself waaay more than the popular crowd because they usually get away with it easier with little to zero repercussion. Be safe fellow musicians/artists!


EDIT: I looked at my current uploads download info, and it appears they didn’t even download the song in question (Aftermath) through my portal..Which leads me to believe they just recorded it from the browser or something (explains the poor quality, too. Nice try.) My good friend who helps me out with a weekly thiefcheck found my song after doing some magical technical shit that I don’t even understand (Kinda like a reverse search but not?)

EDIT 05/28/21: Haha so I gave in and got a Discord after my friend suggested I should. Pretty cool actually.


Posted by GlowBoyMusic - May 14th, 2021

Hello Internet—and beyond!

I am Glowboy (You can call me just Glow, I keep my real identity private.) I am just another one of those broke adult internet musicians that likes playing Doom, Animal Crossing, Scott Pilgrim, and a bunch of classic stuff.

I watch cartoons religiously, enjoy a good tuna sandwich, and is taken.


I forgot to list exactly what kind of music I do:

Video Game Music (Various Genres)

Scoring for Film & Animation (Cinematic)

Custom Sounds (Notifications, Soundpacks)

Urban (Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, LoFi)

Electronic (EDM, Vaporwave, Tropical House, Pop, Ambient, Downtempo)

Acoustic (Alternative, Pop, Rock, Orchestral Rock, Symphonic Metal)